A universal truth about the Cooper’s Hill Campus is that it has a deep and long-lasting effect on all who have been lucky enough to stay there. This site was created to preserve a great place of shared learning and personal discovery for the many hundreds of students who passed through its gates.

During the creation of the site, the author encountered many folk who had studied and lived during Shoreditch Technical College years, and it was incredible how many traditions transcended both education tenures and how fond everyone was of their time there.

Since launching, the site has received many messages from alumni of all ages, and from all around the globe, which reflect this. If you have have a memory to share, or photos, then please do consider sending using the form here.

167 thoughts on “Memories”

  • Shoreditch was a life changing adventure where friendships were formed for ever. I was lucky to have Gommer Lewis as my Art Tutor and Mr Spencer who was my allociated personal tutor who got me out of a lot of scrapes. I have visited the site many times since leaving in 72 and was at the `Goodbye’ tour but she (Shoreditch) will always be the grand old lady in the hearts of many of us, may she have fun with the new inhabitants as she did with us.

  • Some of the best days of my life 69 / 72 spent at Shoreditch , great friends and many wonderful times , best wishes to all who remember me .

  • 74 year.
    Taught for 13 years at Hitchin Boys School then started my own business operating coaches in Bedfordshire.Now take School Children all over Europe on trips.Sorry to hear of the death of Wayne Large who I met as a first year sharing terrible digs in Wraysbury,

  • Attended 1981-85. I visited a few years ago when I visited from New Zealand, where I now live. Very sad to find the place boarded up. Great to find this site and see some news. Are the old buildings still standing. I had a great couple of years in College Hall!! I may be back in the Uk next year and pay another visit.

  • I was 76 year, BEd (Hons) 1977. A very formative four years.10 years in secondary schools and 26 teaching DT and researching in a university,

  • Just “stumbled” on this site. Excellent idea, Sir!
    Very, very sad to see the demise of “The Ditch”.
    Eifion Francis ’68-’71
    PS: Any more “’71 Year” folk out there?

  • I was in `74 year and was an inhabitant of Marshall Hall for two years. Like most of my peers I was an extremely hardworking and sensible student and would never have been involved in activities such as throwing water about at the end of term or placing stars on tall fir trees at Christmas!
    `Ditch was a marvellous place because of the character and comradeship of those who studied there. It’s spirit will always live on.

  • I attended Shoreditch from 1973 to 1974 as a Commonwealth student. My hall of residence was Reed Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and learning the skills. I still have the projects

  • 1967 – 70. Scrivens and president block. Did the full 40 years in Secondary and Middle Schools and as a Headteacher for 25 years . retired 8 years ago and still look back on Shoreditch as a very happy time. i followed its demise with sadness visiting the site occasionally and regret the loss of a great skills centre needed now more than ever.

  • Hello. Reminiscing with my wife as it is 50 years ago this September I went to ‘Ditch and showing her the old halls of residence and came across this wonderful site. I was in Bradley Hall Sept 1968 next to Eifion Francis. Spent 29 years in teaching before early retirement.

  • I was a 75 Year student at Shoreditch; English was my main subject. Happy times! Friends included Ed Hooper, Pete Jones and Rhys Davies.

  • Hello to everyone, especially those from 81 year. I notice names in the Guestbook…Graham Pickett, Dave Capes and Norman Salmon.

    Managed 26 years as teacher and Chief Examiner, but now in the filthy world of commerce! ….Storing and transporting 400 cars and boats, etc. based at the family farm in the beautiful area of South Pembrokeshire. More spaces available Easter 2019!

    Very fond memories of my 4 years on campus.

  • So glad I came across this – thank you Tom for taking the time to put this together. I lived on the Runnymede Campus 1991 – 1994 and have very happy memories. Beach parties in Scrivens, Christmas dinners in the corridors of the halls of residence, last minute decisions to go clubbing at the Black Orchid in Birmingham, Raver Ready, The fantastic fireworks on bonfire thanks to the Industrial Design students, Le Nurb, Andy the barman, living in the room above the arch at the front of campus (Marshall Building??) and hating it for being too noisy, going to the SU shop above the bar for a loaf of bread at 11am and not leaving until 11pm , RAG week , weekend trip to Boulogne , bad taste party at Royal Holloway etc etc LOADS of great memories. Lovely to see some familiar names in the comments and glad you are doing well xx

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