There’s a pile of people who’ve helped over a long period to make this happen – thank-you one and all!

First of all John Williams for his help organising the 2008 farewell tours, and for his introductions to the Oracle Group to facilitate access to the campus.

Ivan Ball from Bluesky Unlimited and Rosemarie Hampton from the Oracle Group for agreeing to support this project, for providing campus access and permission to photograph it, and Valentino the security guard for opening (and locking!) all the doors we asked to be opened.

Vic Grimshaw for her endless, endless, endless patience with me and this project …

Andy Dobson for all his technical advice on the 2019 overhaul of this site.

The folks at Garden Gnome Software and the incredible community of VR developers that use their products, who provided help with the tour skins.

Aidan Fisher, a Shoreditch Training College alumni who’s been a huge supporter of this project since it’s launch, and over the years been a valuable a ‘critical friend’ to the author.

And finally … all the owners, staff, students, residents and visitors to the campus over the many years … all of whom have helped shape and leave behind a truly remarkable place.