Explore the grounds: What’s next?

The site has been live for a little over a week now, and the positive reactions i’ve received have been lovely! Certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile now, and confirms my suspicion that the campus really ignited a unique set of feelings in whomever, and whenever they stayed here.

There’s been some great site feedback too – thanks to all who’ve submitted wonky links. There are some immediate observations I’ve made:

1. Folk really want a photo gallery option to view personal photos.

I’m fully supportive of this, and i’m looking into options. Whilst I don’t mind hosting photos per se, over time this could get quite onerous, and I wonder if a shared photo repository (eg Flickr, Picasa) might be a better solution. If you have strong opinions, let me know.

2. Visits from smartphones

I really shouldn’t be surprised about this, doing what I do, but over half of site visits are coming from Smartphones – principally iPhones – and i’m aware that the panoramic photography isn’t supported on these devices. I’m working on a solution for this, though it will require all of the photography viewpoints being re-made. When I embarked on this project 3 years ago and made some technology choices, smartphones had a much smaller market share and there wasn’t a robust solution to panoramic photography on those platforms, so I opted for the QuickTime route. Times have changed, and thankfully there are modern HTML5 techniques available now. Before embarking on the internal shots (some 600 views!!) i’ll make the jump to a new plug-in free technology that supports the widest set of devices possible. Watch this space.

3. Changing building names

The chaps from the STC days are understandly unfamilair with the building names Brunel adopted – even though they generally commemorate the STC faculty staff (Williams, Scrivens, Marshall et al). A couple of helpful alumni are trying to provide an alternative building nomenclature to me, so I can provide both names where possible.

Keep the feedback coming in – and do please leave your thoughts in the Guestbook. It’s these personal stories that breathe life into the site.

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